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Watch This Cool Life Hack Video How to Easily Stop Soy Candle Issues for Longer Burn

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A Moment of Chill

Have you ever purchased a candle an experienced it burning a tunnel down the middle; not evenly across the surface? This is called tunneling and it can be caused by a few different reasons. A manufacturing issue that could cause tunneling is the wick is not centered, causing uneven burning. A more common reason for tunneling is caused by burning a candle for the first time and putting it out before the surface fully melts.

Watch the video to review a bit about tunneling, and demonstrates a quick easy fix to level the surface for an even burn. Good practices to maximizing the burn life of your candles are to:
✔️Trim the wick and keep wick trimmed.
✔️Burn candles on an even, leveled surface that is heat safe.
✔️Allow the candle to burn 2 hours first burn, allow time for the total surface to melt.

We hope this quick tip helps you fix tunneling to better burn your favorite candles. Candle aromatherapy is a very therapeutic way to release tensions and stress. The Yogi Closet aromatherapy soy candles are crafted to set the vibe for you to enjoy a moment of chill.

We hope you enjoyed a relaxing higher vibration session with us. Feel free to comment and join in a good energy exchange.

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Breathe Deep🕯🌿Breathe Well 

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