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Grounding Life Lesson of The Pandemic Travel Exclusion

Typically when we book international travel I thought it was a good idea to insure the trip. Like thousands of other travelers we use a …


Nacula Fiji Yasawa Islands Paradise On Earth

When carrying the stresses of the world start to get too heavy; an escape to paradise is good for the body and soul to unplug. …


Placencia Belize Quaint Beach Village Vibes

Placencia Belize yogi wanderlust must visit location to unplug and restore. Quaint town village vibes and beautiful beaches provide a perfect locate to distress and release. Video meditation blog entries.


Natural Power of Shetani Lava Fields exploring Tsavo National Park

Exploring Shetani lava flow fields, quick yoga practice, and experiencing Mzima Springs wonderland while on safari Tsavo West National Park. Kenya, Africa.


Safari Wilderness UNPLUGGED The Rhino Valley Lodge Experience

The Rhino Valley Lodge is located in Tsavo National Park. Accommodations review, wilderness experience with gorgeous views of Ngulia Hills.