Travel Guide Nairobi Kenya | Visit The Mamba Village Encounter Nile Crocodiles | Things to Do

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Nairobi Mamba Village is located off Langsta Rd Nairobi Kenya. The cost of entry is $10 U.S. per person. There is an additional tip to the guide for a closer encounter wit the animals. Our tip was about $40 per person. This small park has Nile Crocodiles, Ostriches, and Tortious, in gated habitats in natural settings on the property. This space is great to visit for those who want to entertain their inner wild child, and have a close encounter with apex predators.

This park is East Africas largest crocodile farm….just an FYI to consider if you are a super pro-animal rights, vegan type person.

At Mamba Village  for an additional tip to the guide, he will allow you to mimic feeding the crocodiles to be able to feel some of their power. For brave guests the option to enter the crocodile pin for an up-close encounter with the crocs hunting skills.

Watch the video…

In the video I’m basically annoying this large male Nile crocodile while he was trying to sunbath. When he goes for the towel Im amazed and startled by the feel of power this animal effortlessly posses.

A courageous, brave soul is required to enter the feeding pin for a closer observation of their power. I am not that soul, but my husband channeled the energy.

The crocodile is pulling the stick to pull the brave man closer to the edge and into the water.  I think this nile crocodile has given thought over the years of how to pull humans in the water. My husband must have channeled a crocodile hunter vibe and won this tug of war. Fortunately for us, the crocodile skills do not succeed today. We both gained more respect for the amazing power of these animals. And are proud to say we survived an encounter with a Nile crocodile.

 The nile crocodile has between 40-60 teeth, but it has no tongue. Inside its mouth is a big opening between strong jaw muscles. They typically hunt in the water along the edge of water rivers and canals. They fully submerge their bodies underwater, and wait for land animals to come to the waters edge to drink. The crocodile locks it prey in its powerful jaws and pulls it underwater to drown. Crocodiles are stealthy and patient predators. 

“ Bravery is not a quality of the body. It is of the soul.”

-Mahatma Gandhi
Wild Facts: National Geographic tested the bite force of a Nile Crocodile. The force measured 5000psi pounds per square inch. Giving the Nile Crocodile title the most powerful bite of any living creatures of the world. For a different perspective of that power...imagine two trucks weighing 2,500lb each stack on top of each other, and compacted down to a 1x1 square. 

Travel Journal:

“I looked a Nile Crocodile in the eye and saw a peridot green warm energy flow, very alert and aware balanced with stealthy type calmness.  The jet black slit was full of instinctive lethal wisdom and patience.”

-C. Ligon-Luster

The baby nile crocodile mouth is roped shut for my safety. He is not afraid of me at all. Lol. This is a strong little guy with no fear. His underbelly is very soft and smooth; his upper body is tough like armor.

This tortious weights at least 50 lbs. and is a beautiful ole soul. His movements are slow and purposeful. He is a great example of natures way of showing commitment to move forward doesn’t require speed. It just requires the consistent action of forward movement, and acceptance it takes longer to reach the destination or goal.

Tortoises can tell you more about the road than hares.”

- Khalil Gibran
The sex of a tortoise can be determined by the shape of area near its tail. The V shape indicates this is a male.

Here are a few nature facts about The Ostrich.

  • They are the largest bird in the world, yet they do not fly.
  • They can run very fast averaging top speeds at 45mph.
  • Ostrich are only second to the cheetah in the animal kingdom of the fastest animals.
  • Ostrich can defend themselves by landing powerful kicks and have 4-inch claws on their cloven feet. Their kick when fully landed has the power to kill a lion or human

“ I have eyes like a bullfrog, a neck like an ostrich and long, limp hair. You just have to be good to survive with that equipment.”

-Bette Davis

 After a very full day of sight-seeing the beautiful “Green City in the Sun” has earned a place in our hearts as dope city with a cool vibe. Our action packed day of cool interactions with interesting animals was epic with respect to wildlife. We worked up a serious appetite. Our driver recommended we visit a unique all you can eat game restaurant called Carnivore.

Click the buttons to read more about the Carnivore dining experience, and travel details about A Wild Day in Nairobi Kenya.  

“I don’t think anyone can be more of a predator than a human being.” - Robert Rodriguez

Our trip is a 2 week safari from Nairobi Kenya to the coast of Mombasa, Diani Beach. If you want to learn more tips about planning the safari, things to do, what to expect etc…Subscribe and read more of our explorations and travels at

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