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Take 5 Minutes to Heal Your Chakras Enjoy a Sound Bath

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The Yogi Closet®️ shares soothing energy with a 5 minute Chakra Sound Bath.  Tune in to a higher vibration and chill out with good vibes to enjoy a moment of calm.
The sound bowls are vibrating healing frequencies for the Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus (Stomach) Chakra. Sound baths add calming energy and enhance our meditation practice with chakra engagement. The sounds aim to guide our energies into a bliss state with ambient melodies.

Its a wonderful self-care practice to take five minutes and be engaged only with self. Listening to our bodies, quieting our minds, allowing time for self-restoration. Being kind to ourselves is sending love to our soul, nourishing our inner light allowing it to illuminate with healing warmth.

Clarity Vibes Sage Smudge Aromatherapy The Yogi Closet®️ Soy Candle
Fragrances and aromas can trigger good thoughts, positive memories promote good prana flow. Shown is the Clarity Vibes Sage Smudge candle crafted to cultivate clear air for clear thought. 
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We hope you enjoyed a relaxing higher vibration session with us. Feel free to comment and join in a good energy exchange.

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Breathe Deep🕯🌿Breathe Well

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