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Watch This Cool Life Hack Video How to Easily Stop Soy Candle Issues for Longer Burn

Watch this quick video for a cool life hack for candle lovers. An easy way to stop a problem and max the burn life of your candle.


Here Are Great Reasons to Want the Benefits of Copper in Your Life & How to Get More of It Naturally.

Copper is an important heavy metal that is essential for good health. Ayurvedic practices use a Tamra Jal to infuse water with copper for great health benefits.

Narita Japan

Visit the Ultimate Quiet Space Experience Being Present at Shinshoji Temple in Narita Japan

Visiting Narita Japan is a perfect yogi getaway for quiet time with self meditation practice at Shinshoji Temple.


The Big 5 Minus One Wildlife Sightings A Nature Lovers Dream Trip at Amboseli and Tsavo East National Park

Any animal lovers dream come true is to experience seeing “The Big Five” during an African Safari. Visiting Amboseli National Park seeing beautiful herds of elephants roam the plains. Lions are said to be king of the jungle; at Amboseli elephants reign supreme.


A Fun Day Travel Guide to Explore Wildlife in Nairobi Kenya “The Green City in the Sun”

You ever arrive at a new destination and automatically want to see and do everything? That’s the energy we carried while visiting Kenya for the …

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