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About The Yogi Closet

Welcome to TheYogiCloset; a holistic lifestyle brand established as a merger of paths on a life journey that includes Yoga, Wellness, Empowerment, and Travel.

We are an inclusive brand that believes in the unity and empowerment of all people. You are invited to join us an become apart of the tribe on the continued better wellness journey; to support a happy life.

TheYogiCloset shares knowledgeable social empowerment info, high quality products, and positive light with everyone of our global community.
The wellness information shared is rooted with the Ayurveda holistic sciences knowledge of healing, with elements of insight guidance from natural healers, and Life.
Yoga pose
I am certified as a Yoga teacher & Meditation Guide. We offer services of: Hatha Yoga, Raja Meditation Guidance, Chakra Sound Bathes, Corporate stress release classes, and Yoga Wellness Retreats.
To help enhance the tribes holistic healing rituals and practices we also formulate natural wellness goods & products including: Aromatherapy candles, Sage Smudges, Herbal Teas, and Organic Botanicals & Herbs.
The intent of all of the goods and services offered are for you to feel good vibes & love.
The intent of TheYogiCloset guru website/blog is to bring all of the love into one central space for the tribe to soak up good energy and information.
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