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Nacula Fiji Yasawa Islands Paradise On Earth

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When carrying the stresses of the world start to get too heavy; an escape to paradise is good for the body and soul to unplug. Escaping from the world is healing to the spirit. Nacula is a perfect paradise off the radar to indulge in self care. Nacula is a island within the Fiji Yasawa chain of islands, the population is approximate 600 people. ย It is certainly a lengthy journey to reach this secluded small island. ย 





In addition too having some of the most mesmerizing sunsets to behold from the beach. The night sky views of the Milky Way and cosmos on a clear night are breathtaking. ย to look up and see what seems like a billion stars brighten the sky with a spectacular view of the milky-way. If you are a student of Jyotish– Astrology in India; Sanskrit science of heavenly bodies, or science of light. This is a wonderful location to have a clear visual connection of the cosmos in nature and your charts. It feels like you are in heaven studying the maps. Even if you are not a typical star gazer this night sky is certainly worth experiencing.


โ€œSuccess is measured by your discipline and inner peace.โ€ -Mike Ditka
Fijian Sunset


Nacula provides memorable yogi experiences with early rise meditate on the beach. The moon is still high in the sky at 5am showcasing its power on the tide. The Prana- Breathe; life giving force and universal energy which flows in and around the body, feels amazing flowing thru the body. The pure elements of the cosmos, winds, earth, and clean gorgeous water surrounds and nourishes the body, cleansing and restoring the senses and calming the mind. Ocean restoration is a great for spiritual and physically healing, worthy of mentally capturing these experiences so that it stays close. Meditation is easier when the mind has a calm place to wonder while clearing thoughts. Its a great practice to mentally store little relaxing details, capturing them in your senses.


During times when facing stress and tension, mentally return to calm mental snap shots, and breathe thru it.


โ€œMeditation speeds up the evolutionary process by gradually purifying negative tendencies.โ€ – chia kok ski
Fijian Sunrise Meditation with Moon


Nacula island has so much green magic, it can leave you in awe that such places still exist. Lush emerald green mountains, and hills comprise most of the island. From the Blue Lagoon Resort the hike is about 2 hours to reach this space. It’s a moderate hike, and the path along the trail is not very clearly marked or cut. The tall brush along the path can cause abrasions and feel like paper cuts, but it’s tolerable. There are also crabs and critters along the way, dress accordingly



Standing at the top of the mountain is gratifying to feel, and rewarding to be in this space. It’s very windy constantly reminder of the power of nature, at times the gust are strong.


Oddly enough the wind blowing sparked a great time and place to practice grounded yoga poses. The art of just being still and present in the moment can be difficult when life is blowing you in different directions. Yoga practice offers the practical lessons of being secure and rooted in the space mentally and physically.



Looking out at the horizon is a great reminder of how infinite possibilities and space is. And giving appreciation to where you have arrived within those possibilities. Looking out at beauty and loving everything of this moment. Calms the soul when acceptance and peace are provided to it. The Fijian islands are a perfect place for a unplug session to recharge the spirit, have some adventure and feel the beauty of small community.


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