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Mindful Meditation Grounded in Peace

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One of the many things I love about Hatha Restorative Yoga is, the deeper you relax into a asana (pose); the more you can engage your energies. This mental space allows for perfect mindful meditation time, and engaging internal energies for healing. Malasana is a hip opening pose that allows you to attune and open your Root Chakra.

To practice the Malasana pose; as you enter with your hands in prayer. Go into a deep squatting position; your upper arms pressed against your inner thigh area. Earth and water elements become activated while breathing into the pose.  Allow gravity to work pulling you parallel to the earth.

Take in your surroundings to feel safe in the space and inhale good universal energy. 

As you mindfully breathe, become more settled in your Base Chakra. Each inhalation rises the water elements to your Sacral Chakra. The fluidity of water provides nourishment for this orange energy. To further channel the Sacral and Root chakras; with your eyes closed visualize the colors red and orange in a continual sphere.

Yoga pose
Malasana Yoga Pose

Each exhalation allows release of tension stored in the lower body. The Root acts as a “energetic trash bin” of our auric fields. Nourishing a healthy root is said to be a grounding source of our kinetic energy, rooting our frequency with that of the earth.

As you relax in the deep squat, keep your spine straight and open your Heart Chakra. Engage the air elements with positioning your hands with Parma Mudra. To do the Parma Mudra with your hands in prayer position in front of your heart. Keep the base of the palms, the little fingers, and thumbs together. Open the middle, ring, and index fingers to blossom like an unfolding lotus.

Holding the Malasana pose for 3- 5 minutes is the perfect time to mindfully meditate, adding peace to the practice. Holding the asana can become intense. It is ok to come out of the pose and re-enter when ready.

TheYogiCloset Chakra Balance Aromatherapy Collection provides a beautiful enhancement to your mediation practice. The root chakra candle is formulated with Therapeutic quality essential oils, natural soy wax, and Ayurveda herbs in balance with earth & aroma love notes.

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