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Read How to Capture The Strength of a Mountain & Love Chat with Your Root Chakra

Mountain Pose is a simple yet very impactful grounding yoga pose. This asana is perfect for taking root and basking the Muladhara Chakra with affirmation love.


Get Deeply Rooted While Practicing This Restorative Yogi Squat Asana

One of the many things I love about Hatha Restorative Yoga is, the deeper you relax into an asana (pose); the more you can engage …

The Yogi Closet Sacral Chakra Soy Candle

Have A Quickie with Your Sacral Chakra, Let the Good Energy Flow

The sacral chakra body captures the energies of joy, sexual health, and unity with community. Have a quickie with your sacral chakra, bring your self-care to higher levels.

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