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Are You Game for a Carnivorous Foodie Experience While Visiting Nairobi Kenya

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Carnivore Nairobi Kenya

Are you a meat lover, interested in expanding the horizons of your taste buds with exotic animals like crocodiles and ostrich? Carnivore restaurant located in Nairobi Kenya off Lang’ata Road is worth dining in to satisfy your curiosity and hunger. This dining experience provides a unique foodie moment for meat lovers to be top predator. Carnivore is a table service all-you-can eat speciality and exotic game meat restaurant that attracts hungry tourist from all over the world. The establishment is also known for its popular drink the Dawa Cocktail. While the main focus is meat, a vegetarian menu is available for herbivores. This is not vegan friendly dining and certainly not for anyone on a diet. 

Carnivore Menu

Carnivore Nairobi is open for lunch 12:00-3:00pm and dinner 6:00pm-10:00pm. It is highly recommended to make a reservation for dinner to avoid long waits for seating. The average dinner cost not including alcohol is $39.00 USD per person.

Dawa is a Swahili word meaning Treatment or Medicine. The Dawa Cocktail does not taste like medicine, but certainly can make you feel good. The sweet cocktail is vodka based and was created by the restaurant during in the 80โ€™s. It is similar to a Brazilian Caipirinha without the cachaca. The Dawa Cocktail holds is own as one of the most popular cocktails in Kenya.

Tempting Tree Spirits

Below are the instructions and ingredients to create your own Dawa Cocktail: 

  • Vodka 2 ounce pour
  • Fresh Lime
  • 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
  • 1 Dawa stick, twisted in creamed honey …modify accordingly The Dawa stick taste sweet like a sugar cane.
  • Honey
  • Crushed ice

  • In a tumblr glass add fresh cut lime and brown sugar
  • Crush and squeeze the limes slightly, add crushed ice and pour in the vodka.
  • Twist the Dawa stick, or sugar cane in the honey and add the stick to the drink.
  • Muddle the limes with the Sugar Cane. The more you muddle the sweeter the drink becomes, muddle and stir to taste.

Dawa medicine cocktail

The Carnivore menu offers a large selection of all you can eat exotic and regular meats, paired with sauces and simple sides. Prior to starting the meat service guests are served a garden salad and soup with bread for the table. The soup of the day for our visit was the Courgette soup. The spicy zucchini soup is deliciously smooth, creamy, dairy free, and vegetarian friendly. Using the bread to dip in the soup its perfect joy to the tastebuds.  Aside from the tasty soup, we did not observe anyone eating a veggie plate to inform you of what veggies variety is available. 

The Churrasco Grill 
All the various available meats are expertly prepared using a classic Brazilian churrascarias style grill. Their is a perfect fusion of Swahili and Brazilian tradition of grilling meats, infused with Kenyan seasoning techniques. Combing S.America and Kenyan style grilling is a match made in food lover heaven.

The service is  table side, all you can eat. The waiters have skewers of meat rodizio style to serve each guest with their selection. The waiters come around frequently; and rotate through with all of the meats on the menu. If you have a favorite meat, simply let that waiter know and he will check on you more often. 

At the table is a wheel of sauces the waiters provide suggestions of which sauce best compliments the meat. The sauces vary from ginger, to mint (all kinds of awesome with the lamb), wildberry, fruit salsa, chili, and creamy garlic. Its easy to get lost in the sauce, the meat is perfectly seasoned and the sauce adds the perfect compliment. Once the taste buds get over the rush of all the delicious flavors,  the sauces quickly become an after thought as you enjoy the unique flavors and textures of the meats themselves.

The Wheel of Flavor is Saucy Goodness to the last drop.


Exotic Meat Taster Plate. Nothing tastes like chicken except chicken.

After this “Beast of a feast” exploration of exotic meats I can now stand confident with my taste buds and say:

  • Crocodile does not taste like chicken.
  • Ostrich is a delicious dark meat bird that is delightful as a meatball.
  • Without a doubt I do not like Ox balls, but I felt alpha energy eating them.ย 

๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธShare Tribe Vibes and Good Energy. Comment what has been your most memorable dining experience.ย 

We hope you enjoyed sharing our cool foodie experience with us. Join in a good energy exchange.

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