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A Simple Yoga Guide to Mindfully Tune Your Root Chakra

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The Root Chakra is called Muladhara in Sanskrit and is located at the base of our spine. This red chakra energy body is the area of stability and is governed by whatever grounds us. Sometimes our Root Chakra can become blocked by unhealed internalized life dramas. Its important we take our time with nourishing our energies and have patience with the healing and growing process. Earth elements are nourishing to the root chakra and help bring clarity to the basic necessities of life. When in harmony the root chakra keeps us rooted and centered within our own abilities to survive our life journies. It’s important to have confidence and cast out fears that could hinder us from living our best lives along the way. By eliminating negative internalized energies and keeping a healthy open root chakra we can help elevate happiness.

Aromatherapy Chakra Sensory engagement is a loving enhancement to connecting with the chakra bodies. Aromatherapy can help us go into a deeper engagement with our inner energies by sitting in a calm space and mindfully breathing. Inhale the aromas of The Yogi Closet Root Chakra Balance candle; activate grounding vibes. Each soy candle is crafted to bring serenity and safe feelings with our mindful meditative practice.

Mindful Meditation with Chakra frequencies and The Yogi Closet®️Chakra Sensory Aromatherapy

Bring focus to the flame. Relax the outer body; while tuning into our higher inner vibrations. Breathe deep fully expand your belly with each mindful inhalation take in good energy. When you are ready, exhale any toxicity and tensions you are ready to release. Allow it to burn away in the flame. On your next mindful inhalation, embrace thoughts of positive affirmations and empowerment. When you are ready to exhale, release any doubts or fears that hinder your empowerment or stop self-love. For our third healing breathe inhale the vibrant energies of standing strong in being rooted with confidence that you are enough. On the exhale savory the security and safety of self-reliance; nurture yourself with affirmations and positive memories.

We hope you enjoyed a relaxing higher vibration session with us. Feel free to comment and join in a good energy exchange.

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Breathe Deep🕯🌿Breathe Well

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