A Fun Day Travel Guide to Explore Wildlife in Nairobi Kenya “The Green City in the Sun”

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You ever arrive at a new destination and automatically want to see and do everything? That’s the energy we carried while visiting Kenya for the first time. There is so much to do here, especially if you are a wildlife and nature lover. We had one day in the city of Nairobi, here is how it went…

Uhuru (Freedom) Park overlook of the Nairobi Central Business District.

We arrived in Nairobi Kenya at about 10 pm during the month of August to wonderful fall-like temperatures. We chose to travel to Kenya during August for the Great Migration which takes place between July and August. Anytime is a good time to see Kenyan wildlife in nature living its best Circle of Life. But the BEST time is during the migration. The trip from the (NBO) airport to the 4star hotel The Royal Tulip Canaan Nairobi- The Royal Tulip Hotel was a pleasant 20-minute drive, 21 km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

During the drive, we could see a pretty city skyline with modern buildings. The nightlife was getting started as we drove thru. Clubs were playing music, and people were walking toward bars. It was pretty cool to see the vibrance of the city. The feel of good prana was flowing, it felt different in Nairobi. It was such a long traveling journey to arrive here we needed showers, food, and rest. The flight from Houston Texas to Nairobi Kenya was about 18hours of flight time, with a short layover in London. It was great to arrive at a secure, chic, modern hotel after such a long travel journey.

Secure Arrival and Lovely View of The Royal Tulip Hotel Lobby

We checked into The Royal Tulip Hotel to rest and regroup. The room is comfortable and the decor modern. The bathroom set up, while very cool to the eye with the design; it doesn’t allow for much privacy. Travel with someone you are comfy with if you plan on sharing the room. We appreciate the free bottles of water in the room, staying hydrated is very important while traveling. The Royal Tulip Canaan room service delivery time and quality of food were good, timely, and tasty. We kept is simple, ordered soup, wings, and a burger.

“You can’t be aware of everything. You’d fall down the stairs if you were aware of every intricate thing involved in going down stairs.” -Alan Alda

For breakfast the dining room area is a beautiful space to dine in. The breakfast is buffet style with a variety of hot and cold options including cereals, oatmeal, breakfast meats, eggs, vegetables, fresh fruit, juices, and fruit infused water. Hot coffee and teas are served at the table if desired. The food is delicious and filling, great way to start the day.

Lovely Dining Space with outdoor Patio Seating.

The Royal Tulip Canaan staff is friendly and the customer service is welcoming and hospitable. The hotel is up a hill and in a quiet area, and secured with gate and security officers. I would recommend this hotel as a good place to stay while visiting Nairobi.

Driving thru the city of Nairobi it reminds me of a upwardly moving metropolitan city. Lots of energy movement, trade/deals, and commerce taking place. We also drove by Kibera; which is the largest slum in Nairobi this neighborhood has about 250,000 residents. There are approximately 2.5 million people living in the Kenyan slums making it the largest urban slum in Africa. Not a good title to hold, but it is the reality most major cities face. Our driver Anthony informed us the people that live in the slums earn about $1 per day. They migrate to the city from the rural areas and small towns trying to survive in the city. Anthony also said some people do make it out of the slum, but it is a very difficult way to live.

Nairobi has plenty of beauty as well with the added bonus of having trees and parks throughout the city. Including the Nairobi National Park, the first national park of Kenya. The park is surrounded by an electric fence that separates wildlife, from the city. Trees and greenery throughout the city is great for oxygen; and good air flow. Nairobi truly earns its nickname “Green City in the Sun.”

🎥 Video take a drive through the city of Nairobi
🎥 Video: The Green City in the Sun is scaped with parks, trees, greenery and fountains.

Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park also known as Freedom Park is the largest memorial park in Kenya. It is the inauguration location for Kenya’s first president; Jomo Kenyatta ceremony took place December 12, 1963. It serves as a gathering place for political expression, religious assembly, and family time outings.

🎥Video: Panoramic View of 📍Nairobi Kenya

The Kenyan people we encountered and engaged in communication with are kind and easy-going. Our city and safari drivers were very knowledgeable about the history and culture of Kenya. They can be heard providing sightseeing information on some of the video footage clips posted.

While we were visiting Freedom Memorial Park their was a spiritual gathering taking place. Lifting spiritual music being sung nearby, provided a nice calming experience overlooking the city of Nairobi. The Green City in the Sun offers plenty of good vibes and positive energy flow.

🎥Video: Spiritual Appreciation at Uhuru Freedom Park.

The Giraffe Centre is located in Lang’ata an upper class area, that is about 40 minutes from Nairobi City Centre. The center is open for tours and feeding seven days a week 9am-5pm. The cost for non- resident adult is $15.00usd( no cash) per person. A bag of feeding pellets for the giraffe is included with entry fee. Proceeds from the admission go towards conservation education work. Click the link Giraffe Centre Org for more details regarding their conservation work.

The information regarding the individual giraffe personalities is good to know, and fun to review. Their are 10 endangered Rothschild giraffes at the conservation. They each have unique character traits and personalities. A few are more prone to try to head butt than others. We actually saw a giraffe attempt to head butt a guest. The guest turned his back to the giraffe to get a selfie. The giraffe apparently felt some type of way about this disrespectful back turn. So the giraffe swooped down, to head butt the guest. The guest saw the incoming head butt in his phone; moved and was not hurt. If that guest captured video footage, I’m sure that will be a cool video to watch from his angle. A keepsake as a reminder to watch his back. It really was amazing to see that giraffes long neck swoop down from the sky to try to hit the man standing near the lower gate. It was like something off of a episode of National Geographic meets The Zoo..that’s the best way I can explain seeing that…it was wild!

Endangered Rothschild Giraffes and Warthogs at The Centre for Giraffe

At The Giraffe Centre not all of the giraffe are children friendly; and the interaction should not be confused with a petting zoo. The giraffe will go to the raised platform and the ground level for the feeding pellets. One of the giraffes actually likes giving people a big sloppy kiss while taking their food pellets. With that said there were also people ready and willing to kiss the giraffe with pellets in their mouths. We passed on that intimate experience.

🎥: Video of feeding a giraffe. 🦒Looking in the eye of a giraffe must be similar to seeing a unicorn…magical.

It is an amazing life experience to look at a giraffe in the eyes. They have such big beautiful clear eyes, with warm energy. It felt like I was looking into the eye of a relative to the unicorn. This giraffe center is also the location of the famous Giraffe Manor Hotel Giraffe Manor Hotel

The Giraffe Centre also is home to some warthogs that are cool to watch. I can see how The Lion King Pumbaa cartoon character developed and flourished from this animal. They are also very short-sighted. When they search for pellets, through grass, and brush they will drop to their knees to get closer and borrow in the ground. Their interactions with each other come across as cool to be near each other, but ready to charge into action for food.

Warthog Fun Fact: They do not have warts. The bumps on their face are thick patches of skin that provide protection during fights. -Livescience.com
Pumbaa Vibes: Warthogs are said to “be the symbol of vigilance. Possessing the ability to sense the presence of danger and the courage to face it. They are also truth seekers – @auntyflo.com Warthog Spirit Animal Info
Rothschild giraffe are an endangered species of giraffes. There are an estimated 1,669 in the wild.

The Giraffe Centre has a small coffee and snack food area; and nice on site souvenir shop. The souvenirs are of really good quality, and great for giving to friends and family. Of the places we’re visiting down the road, including road side merchants, people from villages approaching the convoy van, and the souvenirs shops at the airport. The gift shop at the Giraffe Centre were the best souvenirs for giving.

Nairobi Mamba Village is located off Langsta Rd Nairobi Kenya. The cost of entry is $10usd per person. This small park has Nile Crocodiles, Ostriches, and Tortious, and great for those who want to entertain their inner wild child.

This park is East Africas largest crocodile farm….just an FYI to consider if you are a super pro-animal rights, vegan type person.

Mamba Village located at📍 Langata N. Rd. Nairobi Kenya
Nile Crocodiles having a moment of relaxation and chill 🐊

National Geographic tested the bite force of a Nile Crocodile. The force measured 5000psi pounds per square inch. Giving the Nile Crocodile title the most powerful bite of any living creatures of the world. For a different perspective of that power…imagine two trucks weighing 2,500lb each stack on top of each other, and compacted down to a 1×1 square.

At Mamba Village the guide will allow you to mimic feeding the crocodiles to be able to feel some of their power. The crocodile has between 40-60 teeth, but it has no tongue. Inside its mouth is a big opening between strong jaw muscles. They typically hunt in the water, in the video I’m basically annoying him while he was trying to sunbath. When he goes for the towel I can differently feel some of the power this animal posses.

🎥: Video Footage of how to annoy a Nile Crocodile; and get a snip of his power.
🎥Video🐊 “ Bravery is not a quality of the body. It is of the soul.” -Mahatma Gandhi
Face to face with a adult Nile Crocodile…What would you do?

Crocodiles hunt along the edge of water rivers and canals. They fully submerge their bodies underwater, and wait for land animals to come to the waters edge to drink. The crocodile locks it prey in its powerful jaws and pulls it underwater to drown. Crocodiles are stealthy and patient predators.

For an additional tip to the guide, guests can enter the crocodile pin for an up-close encounter with the crocs hunting skills. In the video the crocodile is trying to pull the stick, to pull the brave man in. I think this croc has given thought over the years of how to pull humans in the water. My husband must have channeled a crocodile hunter vibe and won this tug of war. Fortunately for us, the crocodile skills do not succeed today. We both gained more respect for the amazing power of these animals. And are proud to say we survived an encounter with a Nile crocodile.

📷A Nile Crocodile fully submerged under water at the edge of the pond.

While at Mamba Village you can also pay an additional tip to the guide to hold a young Nile Crocodile, and mature tortious. The baby croc mouth is roped shut. He is very alive, calm not afraid of me at all. Lol. This is a strong little guy with no fear. His underbelly is very soft and smooth; his upper body is tough like armor.

Spirit Animal: Crocodile presence in your life has one powerful meaning: primal instincts. This totem stands for your survival, urges the conservation of life and reminds us that in life we cannot always be gentle.

Travel Journal Blog Entry: “I looked a Nile Crocodile in the eye and I saw a peridot green warm energy flow…alert and aware; with a jet black slit full of lethal wisdom and patience.” -C. Ligon-Luster of TheYogiCloset

This tortious weights at least 50 lbs. and is a beautiful ole soul. His movements are slow and purposeful. He is a great example of natures way of showing commitment to move forward doesn’t require speed. It just requires the consistent action of forward movement, and acceptance it takes longer to reach the destination or goal.

“Tortoises can tell you more about the road than hares.” – Khalil Gibran
The sex of a tortoise can be determined by the shape of area near its tail. The V shape indicates this is a male.
This natural🐢 tank required some guns to hold him. 📍 Nairobi Kenya
Ostrich Park Mamba Village

Just a few fun facts about The Ostrich. They are the largest bird in the world, yet they do not fly. They can run very fast averaging top speeds at 45mph. Ostrich are only second to the cheetah in the animal kingdom of the fastest animals. Ostrich can defend themselves by landing powerful kicks and have 4-inch claws on their cloven feet. Their kick when fully landed has the power to kill a lion or human.

🎥Ostrich Video: “ I have eyes like a bullfrog, a neck like an ostrich and long, limp hair. You just have to be good to survive with that equipment.” -Bette Davis
A flock of ostrich taking in the scene.

After a very full day of sight-seeing the beautiful “Green City in the Sun” has earned a place in our hearts as dope city with a cool vibe. Our action packed day of cool interactions with interesting animals was epic with respect to wildlife. We worked up a serious appetite. Our driver recommended we visit a unique all you can eat game restaurant called Carnivore.

Carnivore Beast of a Feast 🍽

Carnivore provided a spectacular and delish dinner to conclude our day spent in Nairobi Kenya. This dining experience earned its own full blog. Click on the link for the details of this carnivorous foodie moment Carnivore Restaurant Review Blog

“I don’t think anyone can be more of a predator than a human being.” – Robert Rodriguez

There are numerous additional places to visit and learn more about Kenyan culture; and taste the local delicious foods. Nairobi deserves more than one day of exploration; and we plan to return again.

Tribe Vibe 🧘🏾‍♀️comment and share how you spent your time visiting a “new to you” city.

We hope you enjoyed the travel experience with us. Feel free to comment and join in a good energy exchange.

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