Placencia Peninsula Belize: Unwind & Soak Up Quaint Beach Village Vibes.

Belize International Airport (BZE) is not a large airport. It consist of 10 gates with a small/moderate sized waiting area. Souvenir shops, Duty Free store, and Snack Bars are available.

Belize is a lovely small country in Central America. Belize borders Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to its east. The quaint country offers a tropical warm climate with beautiful lush rainforest landscapes, sun kissed beaches, and world renowned dive sites which include, The Great Barrier Reef and The Blue Hole. The Belizean culture is interesting to learn and explore. The primary language is English; (Kriol) creole is also spoken.

The currency is the Belize dollar (BZD). On average the exchange rate with is $1 USD to $2 BZD. U.S. dollars are accepted as currency. Change from transactions is typically provided in BZD. I would advise having small bills on hand for cash purchases.

📍Map it out…It is approx 160 miles between Belize City and Placentia Village

Placencia Village is about a 15-20 minute commuter plane ride from the Belize City airport (BZE) to the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula. The Placencia airport (PLJ) is serviced by Maya Island Air. You can book travel directly with Maya Island Air; the airline has 10 flights daily from BZE to PLJ. If you don’t feel comfortable booking directly, you can contact your hotel for transfer arrangements. If you feel the desire to be adventurous and explore the land more, you can also rent a car or take the bus from Belize City to the Peninsula. The journey via ground transportation is about a 3-4 hour drive.

🎥Video: Cockpit view of our approach and landing to Placencia Airport (PLJ).

The commuter planes must be weight balanced with its passengers and on board luggage. At times weight and load requires a passenger sit up front with the captain. On my journeys to Belize I’ve been fortunate to ride up front in the co-pilots seat on more than one occasion. I appreciate the experience every time as an aviation lover. There is really no better flight view than that of the cockpit. If you have the opportunity to ride up front seize the moment!

Placencia Airport(PLJ), Maya Island Air

Once you arrive to Placencia, you’ll notice the amazing beach vibes and that everything moves at a slower, relaxed pace. There are independent taxi drivers at the airport if you need to make your own onsite arrangements to get to your accommodations. Most of the hotels in the area offer a shuttle to their property from the local airport. Laru Beya Resort is a five minute drive from the airport and provides free shuttle transportation for its guest.

📍Placencia Village Belize 🌎
Travel Belize
Peak (Dry) Season November- April
Off Season May- October

We decided to travel during the off season because it is still tropical in climate and temperature in Belize. The beaches and resorts are also not crowded during this time. The cost to travel is slightly lower, with opportunities to find great resort at much lower prices. Also, during this time the majority of the tourist areas are closed. Placencia is a very small village with a family and expat vibe. If your travel experience must include constant entertainment, I would not recommend traveling during the off peak season.

The off season, October – May, would be a perfect time for TheYogiCloset to host a Yoga Wellness Retreat trip in Belize. 🧘🏾‍♀️Placencia is a yogi wanderlust must visit location. We will host and guide you through: sunrise mediation and yoga practice. Provide nutrition information and insight of dosha balancing foods to help better wellness and balance. Explore and embark on local culture activities. Evening restorative yoga practice, and chakra sound bath.

Sunrise meditation and Sun Salutation yoga are amazing on the beach. The universal elements are plentiful for mindful breathing intake, supporting good internal prana flow. Evening restorative yoga practice is enhanced with moonlight energy. The fruits and foods available locally have little if any preservatives, and can provide great nourishment for balancing the dosha. The area is vegetarian friendly, its also good karma to support local markets and businesses.

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Laru BeyaResort 🎥 Video Tour of the Resort and King Suite Ocean View

The Laru Beya Resort is a delightful all-inclusive boutique resort. The staff members are friendly, hospitable, and helpful. The hotel grounds are beautifully landscaped to enhance the picturesque scenery. All-inclusive packages are recommended , or you have the option to pay for your meals a la cart. The food is flavorful and the menu has a nice variety to select from, including local traditional dishes. The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Room service is also available. It is a wonderful experience to eat on the balcony while overlooking the ocean at night and then letting your food digest while swaying in the hammock with a glass of wine, and positive vibes. The relaxation and stress release, cultivated by the resort and its environment, are harmonious.

Room Service: 🍽CocoLoco Shrimp with Grilled Veggies and Rice. Perfectly paired with Belaire Rose🍷
Do Not Disturb this Vibe

The Laru Beya Resort has kayaks, paddle boards, and other water and beach fun activities for their guest to enjoy. There is also an on-site miniature golf course, bike and golf cart rentals available. Excursions and in room massages can also be arranged and reserved with the front desk staff for your enjoyment.

On-Site Miniature Golf Course

For our room, we selected the King Suite Ocean View, and were beyond happy with our accommodations. The space had a home away from home appeal. The unique hand carved wood furniture added a beautiful accent and warmth grounded energy to the space. The balcony, with the hammock over looking the ocean, became my instant chill spot.

Travel Journal Note: I slept like a baby with the waves in the background and the ocean breeze swaying the hammock. Talk about serious relax and release! This space is a gem and is aligned with amazing tranquility energy. Dare I say of all the beach hammock experiences I’ve had…Placencia is taking the title for Best Beach Hammock Experience. The St. Lucia Piton hammock experience was not at a beach, and holds Best Hammock Experience of All Time.

🎥 V-Blog: Hammock Moon Meditation & Reflection🧘🏾‍♀️
“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.”
Henry Beston
🎥 V-blog: Enjoy a Moment of Chill. Gazing at the ocean, taking in the sounds of the waves, only focus on nice long meaningful breathes. Be present in the moment. Just breathe. Just be. 🧘🏾‍♀️
Placencia has a town population of approx 1,000 people. The Peninsula is approx 19miles from north to south, and 1/2 mile wide. It is often referred to as “a Caye Island you can drive to.” Placencia Village is located at the very southern tip of the Peninsula.

Bikes and Golf Carts can be rented at most hotels/resorts for their guest to commute into town. We rented the golf cart for 8hours $50.00 to explore the Peninsula’s Stann Creek District a little more. Eight hours was more than enough time for us to see the scape.

The drive from our resort to The Maya Beach Village was about a 20 minute scenic drive. The area is rural and still under recovery from the last major hurricane. Their are fully restored water front residents and luxury properties in the area. The drive is beautifully lined with lush greenery scape, with a few luxury resorts along the way.

🎥 Video Journal: Cruising around Placencia Peninsula 📍Maya Beach Village

The drive from our resort to the Placencia Village Main Street located at the towns water edge is about 10minutes via golf cart speed 15mph.

📍🌎🇧🇿 Slow down and take it easy. Appreciate the unplug and calm energy the Placencia provides. Beach village life there are no traffic jams or deadlines to meet…just positive energy being carried in the wind.
Take a walk through the laid back town to visit the local art galleries, markets and boutiques. Bikes and Golf Carts can be rented at most hotels/resorts for their guest to commute into town.
Mellow Placencia Village Vibes
Take a fishing trip with the Belize pro’s.

Placencia is a fishing village that has expanded to include tourism. There are local bars, restaurants, and excursions available year round. However, there are some businesses that are not open due to the lack of consistent business during the off season.

Placencia Sidewalk is known as the narrowest Main Street in the world. It is 4,071 feet long and 4 feet wide and according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
Travel is great for meeting new friends along the journey. Keeping 👁eye open for signs and symbols of opportunities and good energy exchange. Appreciating the path.
📍Placencia Sidewalk, Placencia Belize 🌮🍹🌴The Shak Beach Cafe
The Shak Beach Cafe Website

Stop thru and enjoy some good Caribbean eats while overlooking the water. The Shak Beach Cafe is a casual, welcoming entry that offers healthy food options. As well as tempting and delicious calorie heavy items. Go for what makes your tastebuds smile and savior the flavors.

The menu offers plenty of good foodie moments.

The jerk chicken nachos were slamming and the ingredients are fresh, and flavorful. The fruit punch was delicious, naturally sweetened, and blended with perfection. The food cost won’t cripple most budgets and can be paid with credit card or cash. Prices are in Belize dollars, it’s easy to convert the money exchange and pay with US dollars. Change of cash transactions will be provided with Belize dollars.

Jerk Chicken Nachos at The Shak Beach Cafe
Sip n’ Swing…Allow your Inner Child to have fun, play, and to be young at heart is great for the soul. It’s good to be joyous and nourish yellow energy flow. 🧘🏾‍♀️
Kick off your shoes and chill a while in the Big Blue Chair. Observe and manifest🧘🏾‍♀️.

It is soooo cool to just look out at the water and watch families play. My view while sitting in the big blue chair, literally does mimic the art portrayed on the mural. The energy of the space supports its manifestation, I’m grateful to observe it unfold. Its a cool moment to see what you can observe when you unplug and become fully present where you are.

Good energy and beautiful vibes Placencia piers
Watch out for crocodiles, they don’t like to be harassed. Placencia Lagoon is home for saltwater crocodiles and manatees. Be mindful of the wildlife when visiting these areas.

If you have an venturesome side Belize has some of the best Caribbean waters to explore and dive. You could snorkel from the shore and see beautiful marine life in the warm waters. Its also easy to reserve an excursion to be taken out The Great Barrier Reef, or numerous other Caye’s such as Half Moon Caye or Long Caye to snorkel. You could also complete your divers certification in Belize and scuba dive, for those that need to explore deeper.

“Just think of any negativity that comes at you as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Being a beach bum with yoga practice tendencies, and enjoying time with my mom was my vibe while visiting Placencia. Being covered in sand and soaking up the sun rays was bonus on my agenda. The beaches are clean with the soft yellow sand, complimenting the clear blue water. Leaning palm trees lining the beaches add a shady allure to the beauty and charm.

“Your thoughts and your perception of the world influences all that you do, and all that you are, and all that you can be. If you see the sunshine, feel the sunshine then you feel good. But if your focus is only on the clouds and the dark sky then you may find yourself a bit gloomy.” – Catherine Pulsifer

Placencia Belize is a must visit place for any wanderlust yogi. The tranquility and slow pace environment is great for distressing and unplugging. The uniqueness of the energy provides alot of charm to the space. Placencia certainly provides wonderful universal elements and fosters amazing meditation experiences.

Video: V-journal summary of travel from Houston Texas to Placencia Belize with hotel accommodations at Laru Beya Resort

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