Unique, Fun, Luxury Camping Experience at Kibo Amboseli Safari Camp 📍 Kajiado County, Kenya Africa

Kibo Amboseli Camp carries a unique vibe to its space. The campsite perfectly blends the lush beauty of the Amboseli wilderness; and luxury comforts. Provides a nice balance of experiencing a night in the wilderness with a sense of comfort and security.

For our stay we were greeted with a refreshing cold towel and welcoming beverage. After a full day of game driving the refreshers are appreciated. The check- in process is hospitable and quick, they verify your passport identification and prep your room. We are shown around the lobby; gestured toward where the gift shop is located and provided its hours.

The Kibo gift shop located in the check-in lobby.

We were then informed of the the grounds layout, and assisted with our luggage to the tent. Our tent was B11, it is located about a good 2-3 minute scenic walk from the lobby to our space. Quick encounters with small monkeys and banded mongoose crossing the path are common. These are not tamed pets, they are wild animals and should not be handled.

🎥 Take a quick tour of the Kibo camping grounds

Kibo has functioning WiFi in the lobby, bar and dining areas. The signal does not extend to the tents. The dining and patio bar area are rustic chic with beautiful wood decor and African artwork. There is also a pool on the premise overlooking the Amboseli grasslands. The entire premise is secured with an electric fence.

The dining area serves meals buffet style. Bottled water, soda and alcoholic beverages were an additional cost, and are not included with the cost of buffet meals. The buffet menu offers both meat and vegetarian options, soup, salad bar, and dessert station. The food variety allows option for even picky eaters to find something they will enjoy. The dining area has a covered and open patio seating area to dine. After dinner the Masai come to the property to entertain the guest.

Main dining area with indoor and outdoor patio seating
Outdoor patio seating near the main dining hall

The indoor/outdoor bar is spacious, has a relaxed atmosphere, and is a perfect place to chill. The bar is nicely equipped, and the tab won’t cripple your budget. At night during our stay the air has a chilly temperature, but pleasant. The staff will put logs in the outdoor fire pit, creating a nice warm flame. The fire and smell adds a great touch to the perfect night of drinks, with chats about the wilderness sightings of the day.

Kibo Outdoor Bar Seating areas near fire pits.
Kibo bar with inside and outside seating space

It is a good idea to use a flashlight at night to assist with seeing the path at night to the tent. The property is surrounded by an electric fence to keep large predators out. Guest must still always be mindful of smaller wildlife, such as monkeys and mongoose living on the property.

Kibo Safari Camp guidebook

We are informed verbally and in writing to keep the tent zipped up at all times. After the tent door flaps are zipped; the zippers are locked with padlocks to secure the premise. It is good to be mindful this is a thin tent, it does not have thick walls. You can hear what is happening all around you at all times. The sleeping in the wilderness ambiance is felt. Wildlife takes front stage with sounds of the hunt, followed by total silence.

Tent B11 has a private porch and comfy indoor accommodations.
🎥 Video: Have a look inside the Kibo Camping Tent

Kibo Amboseli Safari Camp is a unique camping experience; and we highly recommend experiencing a stay here while on safari. Kibo Safari Camp nicely balances elements of wilderness, and comfort with the feel of luxury. It truly is a unique tent camping experience. Spending time at Kibo Amboseli was a perfect enhancement to our safari experience.

What are some unique hotel and travel accommodations you have experienced? Share in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

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