The Great Migration Kenyan Safari: Amboseli, E. Tsavo, W. Tsavo National Parks & Diani Beach

🎥 🦓 Zebra Trot-Amboseli National Park. Kenya, Africa

📍🌎🇰🇪 Kenya Africa

You ever find yourself lingering in the gray areas of your path? Life experiences, and adventures can help open our scope to different perspective to face those gray energy challenges. Providing clarity of black & white, removing the gray static energy. It is a great idea to unplug from the world when possible; and migrate toward a healing energy source. Reconnecting with nature is a great way to rekindle light if it has dimmed along the path. Observing wildlife in nature has a raw way of putting The Circle of Life into perspective and providing clarity. Adds validity to why it’s so important to trust your instincts, and listen to your voice. We all have gut instincts and learned behaviors, wildlife demonstrates use of those core skills for survival.

Our global environment in general is so fragile due to pollution, global warming, and industry over development. The conservation and appreciation of wildlife is an important element for our ecosystem to function properly. Embracing The Circle of Life; which is defined as natures way of taking and giving back life to earth.

Observing The Circle of Life in action and in harmony is a perfect way to reground with true reality. It is amazing to experience the prana of a wild animals who’s spirit is not dimmed by being captured in a cage. The harmony between the animal community living its best life in the face of daily danger is incredible to witness.

It is very eye opening to see first hand every animal on earth has stresses and issues to deal within its community. There is a possibility of danger camouflaged all around their environment. Everyday each animal must continue to move forward in the face of danger; and do what they were put on earth to do…live and give back. Human are not so different, we just add stressors of emotional complexity and social standards to our community.

Circle of Life Tsavo East

This Kenyan tour we embarked on an amazing journey to unplug, reconnect with the power of nature; appreciate culture, as well as pamper the body and spirit.

The Great Migration of wildebeests takes place between July- August. This is considered the best time to embark on a Safari in Kenya. Masai Mara is the primary park in Kenya of the large migration. Amboseli,Tsavo East, and Tsavo West National Wildlife Parks also experience the migration on a smaller scale.

From a yogi point of view selecting to travel to Kenya Africa was fairly easy to do. It offers abundant ether, earth, and air elements of the wild Africa plains. This is Mother Earth Homeland! What better place for prana flow that supports rejuvenation and growth. Definitely partake in plenty of random deep belly breathing to take it all in at the cellular level. The water elements of the Indian Ocean provided indulgent energy flow to submerge in self care and healing.

Maasai Village Visit Blog

The sharing of knowledge, wisdom, and culture of the Maasai tribe, was a life enriching bonus. To be warmly welcomed, and enlightened with their herbology treatments is unforgettable. The handcrafted artifacts purchased at the village are treasured additions to our “Artifacts for the Culture Collection”.

The logistics of traveling to and through Kenya from Nairobi to Diani Beach was partially organized with Explorer Kenya Safaris. TheYogiCloset team selected the National Parks to visit, the types of hotel accommodations, and modes of transportation. The Explorer Kenya Travel staff organized the airport transfers, safari travel convoys, reserved the rooms, and reserved the train return to Nairobi from Mombasa.

Explorer Kenya Safaris

Travel arrangements to fly from Houston Texas to Nairobi were booked direct with British Airways, and required a connection in London. The flight time from (IAH) George Bush Intercontinental airport to (LHR) London Heathrow airport was 8 hours. A short 2hr connection in (LHR) and 8 hour flight to (NBO) Jomo Kenyatta International airport.

✈️Jetlife Tip: 18hours of flight time, 2hours customs and connect. London is strict on liquids etc… keep your toiletry bag handy and within regulations; if not be prepared for possible lengthy connection process.

Travel booking tip: When booking the date for your hotel room consider the flight time, AND time changes of the location you are flying to. Some locations can be +2 days ahead. Always double confirm what date you actually arrive at the destination, to avoid reserving the incorrect date.

Our travels started in the capital city of Nairobi. A day tour is a nice glimpse into the hustle and movement energies of the city. Like anywhere there is good flourishing commerce as well as not good poverty and slums. For more details click the link to read A day in Nairobi .

The Royal Tulip Nairobi Kenya
The Royal Tulip Hotel Review

There is wildlife within the city of Nairobi, and a large wildlife conservation park available for tours. Interactive wildlife experiences are available at the smaller wildlife conservation parks. At The Giraffe Centre you can feed the endangered Rothschild giraffes. The Giraffe Centre is the park adjacent to the famous Giraffe Manor Hotel. It cost a nominal fee to enter the park, and the funding goes towards wildlife preservation at The Giraffe Centre. It is a priceless moment to be eye too eye with a Giraffe. I think it has to be like looking into the soul of a mystical being.

“Giraffes are fairytale animals, almost heraldic-as if from the land of fables. They have extremely beautiful faces, huge eyes, very sensitive nostrils and oh, blue tongues! “- Joanna Lumley

At the largest crocodile farm in Eastern Kenya Mamba (Crocodile) Village, you can feed a Nile Crocodile. Seizing the opportunity to annoy a Nile Crocodile at Mamba Village is another crazy unbelievable thing to do! Feeling the bite force of a crocodile *via a stick* is truly a life adventure moment. For a full review of the experience click the link: Giraffe Centre & Mamba Village Experience

🎥Nile Crocodile at Mamba Village: How to feel the power of an annoyed Crocodile

Our day in Nairobi concluded with a fabulous meat eaters feast, perfectly paired with Dawa cocktails at Carnivore Nairobi restaurant Carnivore Dining Review

We continued our migration with a three day safari stopping to explore Amboseli Amboseli Elephants Reign Supreme , Tsavo East Black Rhino & Bird Watching Vibes, and Tsavo West National Wildlife parks. Our lodging accommodations were as different as each park visited, adding in a unique wild wilderness experience.

Kibo Amboseli Tent camp is a eclectic luxury tent safari experience

Rhino Valley Lodge is similar to a wilderness survival lodge journey

Ashnil Aruba Lodge is a chic luxury lodge with cool animal observations at the properties water holes, which are close to the rooms🐘

Kibo Tent Camp Amboseli
Kibo Amboseli Unique Tent Experience
Rhino Valley Lodge Tsavo East
The Rhino Valley Lodge Wilderness Unplugged Review
Ashnil Aruba Lodge Tsavo West

While enjoying a beautiful and scenic road trip off Mombasa highway; its easy to appreciate the beauty of simplicity of the rural living. The road trip is a 4 hour venture from Tsavo West to the Indian Ocean coast. The ride along the way is a perfect time to reflect, give gratitude, and enjoy the beauty of the drive. The destination is the beauty and luxuries of Diani Beach and resort. Diani Beach is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and resort atmosphere.

Diani Beach is located south of Mombasa, and is about one hour and thirty minute drive from Mombasa,Kenya. Mombasa is a large port city along the Indian Ocean, and is the second largest city after Nairobi.

RoadTrip: ”To awaken in some strange town is oneof the pleasantest sensations in the world. You are surrounded by adventure. You have no idea of what is in store for you. but you will, if you are wise and know the art of travel, let yourself go on the stream of the unknown.” -Freya Stark Mombasa Highway to Diani Beach

Diani Beach is known for its pristine clean white sand beaches, that have been voted best beach destination in Africa. I have been to one other beach destination in Africa, called Labadi Beach. Labadi beach is located in West Accra Ghana region La Pleasure Beach; the area near Labadi Beach Resort Hotel. Labadi Beach is also a pretty beach, but heavily populated. As with any beach with heavy pollution and litter will be preset. Diani Beach is not heavily populated, the dramatic tide shift supports this not becoming an issue. At this time I vote for Diani Beach as a best beach destination in Africa.

Vibe:🧘🏾‍♀️✨I look forward to visiting BOTH Labadi and Diani beaches again. Keeping good and frequent travel energies in the universe

The Swahili Beach Resort has stunning decor, with friendly staff and spa pampering treatments that are amazing! The Beach aspect of this adventure are a MUST DO. While I can totally understand some people come to Kenya only for safari, and that within itself is a lifetime experience. Adding the visit to the coast for a few days is a relaxing treat that should not be missed.

Swahili Beach Resort, Diani Beach

The Indian Ocean marine life is just as dangerous and eye opening as the wildlife on Safari. Diani Beach is unique with a dramatic visible tide shift to observe. A walk along the beach while the tide is out allows up close encounters with exotic ocean creatures. We captured video footage of the poisonous rock fish, tiger snails, spiked urchins, and much more. Cool to learn and see if a person is paying attention to the spider starfish along the ground. They will notice the spider starfish give warning of when the tide is coming back in. The ocean dramatically shifts with water coming to meet the shore. Areas of beach that were once easy to walk will soon be covered the aquamarine blue water.

Tide is In 📍Diani Beach Kenya
Tide is Out Diani Beach Kenya

The Swahili Resort is an all inclusive that offers beautiful amenities, and luxury pampering. The resort offers a private beach club experience that is A MUST indulgence for any goddess or king to enjoy.

Swahili Beach Resort Beach Club Spa Treatments Massage Room
Swahili Beach Resort Beach Club Infiniti Pool overlooking the Indian Ocean

When leaving Mombasa and returning to Nairobi we used Kenya Railways to travel the countryside to the city. It was a nostalgic and lovely way to view the country scenery. Fosters amazing daydreams, and good naps to go in and out of along the journey. I’ve always want to experience a long scenic train ride. Having the African landscape as the background to thoughts is breath taking. It reminds me of the leisure of travel; old fashion in some aspects but perfect.

Kenya Railways

By the end of this eye opening trip it causes change to the very being. This migration across Kenya provided life memories and unique encounters to be cherished. The journey help clear some of the gray static energy from the path, with core appreciation of The Circle of Life.

Visiting Kenya Africa is a great journey experience on multi levels. You can approach it from whatever depth you need physically and/or spiritually. You will sure to arrive at the end of this journey enhanced. Humbled in some ways and confident in others, appreciative for wisdom of both.

I highly recommend adding a Safari journey within your lifetime of travel and exploration. Because this was such a expansive and beautiful journey, we want to make sure you receive all of the details. This travel blog entry will be updated to provide the links to the more detailed aspects of the travel experiences, excursions, and accommodations of our Great Migration Kenyan Safari- Beach journey.

Elephant Amboseli National Park Kenya Africa “Awake. Be witness of your thoughts. The elephant hauls himself from the mud. In the same way drag yourself out of your sloth.” -Buddha

Thank you for reading.

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