Carnivore Nairobi “A Beast of a Feast” Speciality Exotic Meat Restaurant

Are you a meat lover? Interested in expanding your taste buds by tasting exotic animals? Carnivore Nairobi is a good foodie moment and must experience for meat lovers. Carnivore Nairobi is located 📍Lang’ata Road, Nairobi Kenya. It is a popular all you can eat speciality meat restaurant, and created Kenya’s popular Dawa Cocktail. While the main focus is meat, it also offers a vegetarian menu. Carnivore Nairobi is open for lunch 12:00-3:00pm and dinner 6:00pm-10:00pm. It is recommended to make a reservation for dinner. Average Dinner cost not including alcohol $39.00usd per person. Bring your appetite and predator spirit for this dining experience.

“Every time we exterminate a predator, we are in sense creating a new predator.” – David Rains Wallace

Traveler tip: The restaurant is very busy with large tourist groups and various travelers. Our driver called ahead to make a reservation for us to avoid extensive wait times for a table.When we arrived we were told without the reservation the wait would have been two hours. With our reservation we were seated within 10 minutes of the reserved time.

Just a little added bonus….right next door to the Carnivore is Simba Saloon night club. They play urban R&B, reggae, and rock music. The club also occasionally hosts concerts and performances. It looked like a cool place to grab a drink. I could hear the music playing was a upbeat Beyoncé mix. We did not stop in to visit this time; but would likely have a drink or two upon a return visit to Nairobi. Click the link to have a look at reviews of people who have actually been there. Simba Saloon Trip Advisory Reviews .

Carnivore is known for the Dawa Cocktail. The vodka based drink was created by the restaurant during in the 80’s. It is similar to a Brazilian Caipirinha without the cachaca. The Dawa Cocktail holds is own as one of the most popular cocktails in Kenya. Dawa Ingredients:

Dawa is Swahili for Treatment or Medicine…the Dawa Cocktail certainly does not taste like medicine. Dawa cocktail is a delicious signature drink created at Carnivore in the 80’s sure to cure whatever ills you, “Treating the stomach to eat meat”
  • Vodka 2ounce pour
  • Fresh Lime
  • 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
  • 1Dawa stick, twisted in creamed honey …modification The Dawa stick taste like a sugar cane to me; I’m going to use a sugar cane when creating at home.
  • Honey
  • Crushed ice

Instructions to Create Dawa Cocktail:

  • In a tumblr glass add fresh cut lime and brown sugar
  • Crush and squeeze the limes slightly, add crushed ice and pour in the vodka.
  • Twist the Dawa stick, or sugar cane in the honey and add the stick to the drink.
  • Muddle the limes with the Dawa or Sugar Cane. The more you muddle the sweeter the drink becomes, muddle and stir to taste.
Dawa Cocktail Carnivore signature and Kenya most popular cocktail.

The Carnivore menu offers a large selection of all you can eat exotic and regular meats. The restaurant also offers a vegetarian menu, but I did not observe anyone eating a veggie plate at this The Courgette (Zucchini) soup is amazing and is vegetarian..but other than that I saw MEAT on plates. This place is meat lovers haven. The meat is grilled using churrascaria style infused with Kenyan techniques and seasoning. Combing S.America and Kenyan style grilling is a match made in food lover heaven.

Carnivore Specialty Exotic Meat Selection changes with nightly availability.
🎥👨🏾‍🍳All the various available meats are expertly prepared using a churrascarias combined with Swahili tradition of grilling meats. 1table

Prior to starting the meat service you are served a garden salad and soup with bread for the table. The Courgette soup is absolutely delicious with a nice hint of spice. The zucchini soup is smooth,creamy, dairy free, and vegetarian friendly. Using the bread to dip in the soup its perfect joy to the tastebuds. I would have had no problem filling up on the soup and ordering another bowl, but we came here for the meat!

The meats are served table side, the waiters have skewers of meat with a knife to cut, and place on the plate; rodizio style. To indicated to the waiter you have had enough, remove the little flag that is on top of the sauce wheel. The waiters rotate through with all of the meats on the menu. If you have a favorite let the waiter know, that waiter will check on you more often. I personally do not eat pork. Once I informed the waiter they no longer offered me pork, and my ostrich guy came back more often. I appreciated that so I could keep my flag A person could also just continue to deny whatever meat you do not want, nothing is forced upon you.

At the table is wheel of sauces the waiters suggest to use with meat their are cutting for you. The sauces add a nice enhancement to the meat flavors. They vary from ginger, to mint (all kinds of awesome with the lamb), wildberry, fruit salsa, chilli, and creamy garlic. The meats themselves are perfectly seasoned and flavorful with a nice spice balance. While delicious the sauces quickly become an after thought as you enjoy the unique flavors and textures of the meats themselves.

🎥Saucy…Drip Drip

Be ready to step out of your comfort zone if you really don’t eat meat often. This experience is all about unleashed my inner Carnivore! I sampled each of the exotic meats offered. Including Ostrich, Ox Ball, Crocodile, and Ostrich Meat Ball. I’ve discovered my tastebuds enjoy Ostrich meat. It’s tender dark meat, and has a juicy flavor. It does not taste “gamey”, it has a subtle taste. Reminds me more toward duck without the fatty taste. It does not remind me of chicken, ostrich is a heavier meat.

Quick personal reflection moment: I light weight felt bad about how much I enjoy Ostrich meat. I’m like OMG its a giant delicious bird, that cannot fly. Poor big bird got the short end of the stick of the bird kingdom. Every time I say I’m going to keep my dosha balanced and stay with a vegetarian foundation. I get extreme temptation to indulge in eating delicious meats, with unique dining settings. I mean who wants to miss out on cool dining experiences,eating well in beautiful spaces is a life luxury. The Ostrich meatballs…OhhhMyGoodness delicious! I would have been mad at myself for missing out on experiencing those. They are a light meatball, who even knew such a thing could exist? The texture and flavor magnificent to say the least, my tastebuds are grateful.

This level of meat eating temptation normally happens when we travel, or go into vacation mindset mode. Do you ever indulged or break your healthy norms while traveling or on vacation? Comment below and let us know what is your travel temptation?

I sipped on the Dawa cocktail; quickly got over the guilt, prepped my stomach for more food, and enjoyed this moment….really good meds in this glass.

Ox Balls are not my bag of tea….* did you catch that?* lol. I can do without the texture of them, which is kinda spongy. That’s all I really have to say about those. Lol.

Crocodile meat is hard to locate in the world due to some crocodiles are endangered, and it is illegal to eat. In Kenya there are Crocodile farms, making it legal to eat. We visited one of the largest Crocodile farms in Eastern Kenya while in Nairobi. Click the link for more of that experience Nairobi Mamba Crocodile Village

I can officially say Crocodile does NOT taste like chicken. This Croc meat has a rubbery texture to it, chewy. Be ready to chew all 32 times to get this down. It is not tough meat at all, its simply like the bubble gum of meat. It is soft with a slight wild fish taste. I’m not a big fan of crocodile meat, but I did feel some type of way about eating a apex predator.

🎥🍽 “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard

We also ate the Beef Ribs, Leg of Lamb, Chicken Piripiri, and Beef Sausage. All of which were tender, flavorful, and totally delicious. The creamy garlic sauce paired with the piripiri chicken was a great balance of spice and cool. I do not know if Carnivore is known for its piripiri chicken, but they should be. This spicy chicken is perfectly aligned with all things fused South American and African. The beef ribs were tender and fall off the bone.

Left to Right: Ostrich,Beef Sausage, Ox Ball Beef Rib, Chicken, Crocodile, Ostrich Meatball, Rump Steak

Carnivore could really send a person into a food coma….We ate ALOT of meat, and it was awesome! We also did eat the garden salad, everything has

Carnivore Nairobi “Fine casual means taking the cultural priorities that fine dining, at its best, believes in.” – Denny Meyer

I would recommend you checking out Carnivore and enjoy this food moment while visiting Nairobi. Carnivore is a must do dining experience. The way the meat is cooked with the perfect blend of Brazilian and Kenyan techniques and spices; this is a treat for the tastebuds. The Dawa is a miracle cure!

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