Release & Align: Mindful Trataka Candle Light Meditation video guide with Chakra Balance Aromatherapy

Mindful meditation while using a candle; commonly known as Candle Gazing Meditation is an eye opening experience. Also known as Trataka Sadhana in Sankrit translates to “to look, or to gaze” and “a means of accomplishing something.” Trataka Sadhana is a type of hatha yoga that is used to attain spiritual powers, clarity of path, improves concentration, and memory.

TheYogiCloset Aromatherapy Meditation Candles

Typically meditation is done with the eyes closed (inner tratak), and ideally in a quiet safe space. In a world that promotes multi-tasking at all times; with high demands on brain function it can be difficult to adapt letting all thoughts go. Understandably when the mind has numerous thoughts and distracts it can be difficult to clear the mind to remain focus and calm. Candle gazing meditation is done the eyes open (middle tratak); and is a great practice to build the focus stamina when learning how to meditate. Its also a wonderful practice for those experienced with meditation; the flame provides a relaxing visual aid to think of the thoughts that do not serve you burning away as you gaze at the flame. Using a candle light provides a single point of focus; as well as assists the third eye chakra with opening, increasing awareness, and cultivating a safe space to clear the mind.

Regularly doing meditation while controlling the breathing (pranayama); is an effective way to reduce mental stress and fatigue. You bring awareness to the physical and spiritual realms of the body, opening channels of healing and enlightenment.

The video is a quick intro guide into a candle meditation practice. For best results:
  • Reduce and turn off the lights in the safe space you created
  • Light a TheYogiCloset Chakra Balance Aromatherapy Candle and place it on a flat fire safe surface.
  • Consider selecting the color candle associated with the chakra aura color of the area of the body you would like to focus on. Example-> Red candle= Root Chakra, assist with Grounding
  • Comfortably seat yourself in a position eye level with the candle, about 2 feet away.
  • Find your breathe, control your breathing… and bring your gaze to the light.
  • Try not to blink while you gaze at the light. Its normal for the eyes to water, if it becomes to intense build up your stamina to hold the gaze.

Have you tried Candle meditation? Tell us how it has worked for your mental health; we would love to hear from you.

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