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Pink hibiscus flower

Mindful Meditation Grounded in Peace

One of the many things I love about Hatha Restorative Yoga is, the deeper you relax into a asana (pose);…

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A Tribe Vibe with the Maasai Village of East Kenya Africa

Tribe culture appreciation visiting the Maasai Village near the Amboseli National Park, Kenya Africa. Learning more about Masai culture, herbology, heritage, and way of daily living.

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Grounding Life Lesson of The Pandemic Travel Exclusion

Typically when we book international travel I thought it was a good idea to insure the trip. Like thousands of…

Nacula Fiji Yasawa Islands Paradise On Earth

When carrying the stresses of the world start to get too heavy; an escape to paradise is good for the…

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Ayurveda Tamra Jal Giving Copper Power Shine

Copper is an important heavy metal that is essential for good health. Tamra Jal helps infuse water with copper, positively charging the water. Properly storing and drinking the wate balances all three dosha in Ayuverda healing.