Welcome to TheYogiCloset Tribe Vibe

Welcome to TheYogiCloset, we appreciate your presence and interest of our vibe. We look forward to positive energy exchanges. Just a little info about us…

TheYogiCloset is the manifestation of a merger of paths on a journey including; Yoga, Wellness, Empowerment, Travel. Each path leading to mergence of desire to share our love and light with others of the global community; opening the doors of TheYogiCloset established 2018. 

TheYogiCloset is a holistic lifestyle brand grounded with the Ayuverda holistic sciences knowledge of healing. We provide services of Hatha Yoga & Raja Meditation Guidance to support good health, and better wellness using natural products. 

We value and place positive intent to help the empowerment of the global community. Our peace and passion is to help the community by sharing the gift of travel with culture inclusivity appreciation.


TheYogiCloset Guru blog is a melting pot of  good wellness information, event dates, classes an services scheduling links, and travel insight & perspectives. All shared with the intent to help others quality of life. 


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Love, Light, and Gratitude


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