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Spark, relax & chill

The Yogi Closet®️ sensory Aromatherapy Collections

Spark natural Ayurvedic soy candles to release aromas that remove negative vibes from your mental space, and add positive energy to your living space.

Inhale natural essential oil scents that cultivate harmony and balance within our minds, bodies & souls. 

Breathe Deep 🌿🕯Breathe Well

About The Yogi Closet

Welcome to TheYogiCloset®️ a holistic wellness lifestyle brand established as a merger of paths on a life journey that includes Yoga, Wellness, Empowerment, and Travel.

We are an inclusive brand that believes in the unity and empowerment of all people. You are invited to join us an become apart of the tribe on the continued better wellness journey; to support a happy life.

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A quick daily practice of taking 3 minutes to mindfully breathe and be present can greatly reduce stress and improve quality of life. Take a moment to be exactly where you are in peace and gratitude.Breathe Deep 🌿🕯Breathe Well
A Higher Elevation Relaxation Mood: CBD Sensory Aromatherapy & Herbal Tea blends. Coming Soon to The Yogi Closet®️Breathe Deep🌿🍵Sip Well
Meditation allows us to mentally and physically disconnect from ascribed labels to, restore, relax and reconnect with our soul.

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